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Private & unhackable messaging, with built-in digital payments. Pioneered on the world’s safest blockchain.

Welcome to tracking-free, spying-free and advertiser-free messaging

Introducing xx Messenger, the first and only messenger that uses truly protects communication between sender and receiver. All messages are end-to-end encrypted, and no metadata is ever collected.

All built on the most secure blockchain network

We are the only blockchain protected against quantum computing. xx network is the future-proofed alternative to Ethereum for better, faster, smarter dApps.

Complete with fully protected digital cash

Decentralized, easy-to-use, and offering the privacy of actual cash. The most secure and usable digital currency available today.

Created by the inventor of digital money

Inventor of the first-ever digital cash system (Digicash), David Chaum is the founder and CEO of the xx network. He is supported by a world-class team of experts and engineers that are building the future of communication.

Build the future we need Join the xx network

For Community Driven Selection Each month, another batch of nodes is selected to onboard to the BetaNet. Applications are always open. Learn more about the community driven process.


The xx Message platform shreds meta data across many nodes before it can even be constituted. The xx Consensus supports a quantum-resistant consensus protocol.

xx Nodes

Learn how to run an xx Node and participate in the future of private communication and transaction. Earn 7,000 xx Coins a month as part of the xx BetaNet.


The future of communication is private

Start using the xx network today to take back control of your data.